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"Sick PC? Running Hot? Got a virus?       Well the Doctor is in."

Come C  R  Computer Solutions and  have all your elements cured fast.

Our Mission


To ensure each and every client always receives quick, consistent, comprehensive, "best-practices" services and exceptional value from each experience with CRCS.


​Welcome To CRCS

Whether you've got Internet challenges, need to get back on-line, computer has crashed, thinking about getting a new computer or perhaps adding or upgrading a wireless network for your home or business... give us a call or e-mail us today!

You'll find what you're looking for right here at CRCS.

Let's face it, perhaps the most valuable aspect of your Computer is the data you've accumulated and the big question is "How can you protect it?".  At CRCS, we know your data has value and with my expertise, you're virtually assured it's safe and secure.  With our wide range of services covering just about everything electronic, CRCS is always ready to help.

We make sure you're always armed with what you need most and easy to understand knowledge and service solutions for the computing products you depend on!

So, whether you only need a little "tweak", or solutions for complex business challenges, I give you my personal guarantee I’ll resolve your issues, point you in the right direction and then stand behind all my work!” - Chris Raymond

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